About Guardian Protective Clothing

Guardian Protective Clothing specializes in fire-resistant clothing and custom-made garments designed to your specfications. Serving a wide variety of industries, our products are designed for maximum functionality. Our satisfied customers and frequent referrals contribute to our ongoing success. Guardian is committed to providing quality garments for personal protection with unparalleled customer service.

Mission Statement:

Guardian Protective Clothing is committed to manufacturing the safest, most durable fire resistant garments, offering a wide variety of quality products with unparalleled customer service. Utilizing the best materials in the industry and incorporating proven manufacturing techniques and designs, our garments set a new standard in the market for comfort in safety and fit. At Guardian, we know that because it's what is on the inside that counts, what you wear on the outside has to be better.


Guardian is committed to delivering quality products. On average, our manufacturing department has 20 years experience per employee. This experience means the product we deliver are of the utmost quality and durability ensuring longer wear for our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with our garment's quality, we will either replace it or give you your money back.


Guardian is committed to prompt and efficient delivery. When a customer of Guardian places an order, the responsibility is on us to deliver it to their expectations. Every order has a unique sense of urgency and we are committed to delivering your order to meet your requirements.

Customer Service:

Guardian understands and is committed to customer satisfaction. Our marketing group has an average of 10 years of experience while our executive has an average of 20 years of experience in delivering customer service. We are customer focused; understanding their needs and delivering results.


Guardian garment designs focus on customer safety, fit and the environment in which each product must perform. All three factors must be considered when designing a superior safety garment. Guardian will not compromise safety or fit and ensures each garment is designed to be functional and workable in any environment. Our designs are customized to fit your unique requirements.


Guardian offers a wide variety of garment styles, materials and climate adaptability. Guardian's wide range of custom styles positions us to be a single source of fire resistant clothing to a number of our customers. We use the highest standard materials such as Nomex, Kermel, Proban, and Kevlar. Furthermore, we have garments for all types of climates that our customers work in, ranging from the cold climates in the Far North to the hot climates of the Middle East. At Guardian, our objective is to provide benchmark fire resistant garments. Guardian also believes that delivery, quality, customer service, design and variety are equal components to delivering a complete solution to our customers.